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Below are some common questions for our venue.

While searching for your venue, it's always good practice to know the fine details of your location. Feel free to compare sites, features, and pricing to get a particular understanding of what you are getting. We look forward to hearing from you!



With the endless possibilities for selections of menu items to offer your guests, we do not feel as though we should limit you to one caterer. We do have a list of recommendations of whom we have worked with in the past but feel free to ask questions that may arise.


Alcohol is only allowed through a licensed liquor caterer. We do require all alcohol to be served through the liquor catering company, and not through party goers or attendees of the event. There is no alcohol consumption allowed in the designated parking areas at any time. Any outside alcohol brought into the venue will be confiscated. 


With our venue only being 20 minutes from town, the need for shuttle services vary by party, so we offer recommendations of services that provide transportation. 


While we do have some items for rent, we have some great suggestions of amazing vendors to help bring your wedding to it's highest potential! We ask that any decor that is set up only be attached using zip-ties, string (fishing line works great), and command hooks, as our facility features barns ranging in age from over 8 to 80 years old! So please be mindful of our venue. Thanks! :)

Setup/Tear Down

The venue staff, before the day of the event, will set up the tables and chairs at the venue. We will help coordinate designs for layouts according to the space selected. We do offer multiple options, as we have two barns within proximity to each other, allowing for a smooth setup. 


While the venue can accommodate up to 300 guests, space allows a serene setting for parties of 50 or more. We do not charge "per head" over a certain number.

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